Ryan Cassidy blows the big one

Oh boy, things are really starting to take shape.  If Dan, Duncan and I are the cake, guys like Ryan Cassidy are the icing.

It was a joy to have Ryan out to the Sound Distillery this week.  Ryan has been listening, writing, and waiting for the moment to strike with the soulful fury of his big horns, and he did not disappoint.  Ryan will be playing baritone, tenor, and alto sax, and really putting the sex in sex drugs and rock ‘n roll.  We’re all looking forward to hearing the mixes with Ryan’s sassy, swampy sounds all over them.

Ryan doesn’t really get to let loose tracking parts in our little pop ditties, so if you want to hear him blow the roof off, check out his show at the Jazz Room in uptown Waterloo on May 1st, 2015.  He’ll be joined by a cast of hot local jazz players doing a mix of originals and standards.  Tears will be shed, toes will be tapped, babies will be made.

Here’s a taste:

Maestro Matt Sotnik

We first met Matt Sotnik through his band Ill Evans, where we heard him playing funk, jazz, hip hop, R&B and everything soulful.  Politely sitting behind the keyboard like the maestro that he is, when we needed somebody who knew their way around a keyboard, we called Matt right away.

After hammering all the funk and jazz out of his nimble fingers, he had the pain and anguish in his soul to jam out some awesome blues, rock, and country parts on piano, organ, and a lot of weird keyboards, I mean really weird.  You’ll be hearing lots of Matt on the new tracks as they appear.

Matt joined the band to play our first show at Maxwell’s Concerts and Events in Waterloo in January, 2015 (watch a clip),  and will be playing keyboard, piano, and organ on our upcoming CD release shows, details and dates coming soon.

Here are some pictures from Matt’s session.